Meet the

Nahum Itzkovitz, PhD

1st Director
Nahum Brings a rich managerial background from government ministries: the Innovation Authority, the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture and more. Nahum holds a bachelor's degree in agriculture, and a PhD in management from the Sorbonne in Paris. Nahum led complex innovation processes to help Israeli start-ups become unicorns

Royi Levav

Entrepreneur, BSc, CEO
More than 25 years of R&D leadership experience in high-performance machine development, mobile apps, and systems. Experience acquired while working for many companies, from mid-sized startups to novel enterprises. Royi is a veteran from the SUBMARINEs force and a san to an agriculture family

Micha Arnon

A well-known, experienced visionary who turned ideas into fully operative solutions in the challenging agriculture environment. For many years, Micha managed Ma`abarot Metals, a successful production facility MICHA GREW UP AT THE SHAAR HAAMAKING VINYARDS AND SERVED AS A HIGHER COMMANDER IN THE ARMY LATER ON.

Uri Dubin

PhD, AI Expert
Uri holds a B.Sc and M.Sc. in Computer and Electrical Eng., and a PhD in Neuroscience from the Technion. A top talent in computer vision, robotics and algorithmics. Uri has many years of experience in the Israeli high-tech industry. Uri is a top talent on setting complex computer vision and machine learning problems into working algorithms with a focus on the 3D real time fast trajectory planning for robots.

Oded Anner

PhD, System Engineer
Oded holds PhD in physics, working many years as a talented system engineer, adding innovation lead frequently. Over the last 35 years Oded has successfully led the development of complex technologies to work. His deep view and understanding of multi-disciplinary systems are a valuable asset.

Sharona Nesher

Extensive experience of more than 20 years supporting startups on their way up. A certified consultant from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and a lecturer on business issues.

Yaron Barkan

Global growth advisor
Yaron served as a Director @ AMAT CMP (US), the CEO & the founder of ADT (IL) provides a rich professional history, Yaron contributed significantly to many prominent organizations, including K&S and Elbit Systems. Yaron established the a Rockwall Automation subsidery Anorad Israel. Leveraging his extensive experience in global enterprise management, Yaron's leadership has proven to be an invaluable asset to the company.

Yakov Cohen Ahdut

MA Agronomy, Vines Expert
aakov, an accomplished agronomist, holds an MA in Agriculture from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has extensive experience as a Chief Agronomist in wineries, with a focus on grape production for food and wine. His expertise includes vineyard management, organic farming, winemaking, and agricultural training. He has provided agricultural consulting services in multiple countries and owns a farm with vineyards and greenhouses.

Yuval Keren

MBA Logistics Expert
Yuval is highly experienced supply chaing manager and procurement manager with vast experience in fast-growing, global high-tech startups and public trading companies, large-scale, multi-site, multi-vendor projects from design to deployment. Yuval has hands-on vendor selection experience , RFP/RFQ process, TCO analysis, contract management, and budget management. Expert on set-up strategic partnership

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