table grapes

A revolutionary solution of vineyards robotics.
Taking care of full season viticulture with the added value of precision agriculture

Autonomous table grapes viticulture.

About Us

VineRobotiqs was established to solve a most challenging task in agriculture activity:

The vineyard actions by the robot

Pruning overgrown branches

Just before the spring arrives and while the vine is ready to bloom, the cutting of the vine begins, and old branches from the last year are removed to make the fresh growth to start with power. Precision cut i critical to quality harvesting in the summer.

Deleafing and open sun windows

The vine grows fast, new leaves hiding the little bunches and preventing the light and the treatment from reaching out. Leafs removal on time is essential for quality table grape harvesting.

Excess buds removal

The vine grows arbitrarily; some shoots rapidly grow out of the bud, hiding the bunches and preventing easy access. There is a need to remove them, but sometimes only push them up so that they collect the sun. Intelligent selection is required

Bunches thinning & shaping

Bunches tend to be uniqe, but the customer wants them in a size and shape, like a hair cutter, there is a need to shape them on time to enable the quality table grapes market fit and pricing.

Bunches Picking

The bunch picking is the most critical task of viticulture. Bunch needs a safe manipulation to keep it in shape, un-damaged, and in a fit with the high quality requirements of the market.

Bunch precision spray

Modern viticulture wants to make sure the bunch has the best quality, as only the best quality has a market value. The bunch must be full of grains and in size. Some fertilizers and special growing support nutritions needs a precision spray for proper results

A revolutionary solution of vineyards robotics. Taking care of full season viticulture with the added value of precision agriculture

The solution

Our solution utilizes a best-in-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) Real Time (RT)  control system. The robot executes a recipe defined by the farmer. There are tens of recipie types and adjustment parameters ehable best fit to the most updated practices in vineyards viticulture. We uses a modern cloud-based BI-SAS system to keep the decisions process optimal through a continuous improvement process (CIP).

In The Press

Advertised in: TheMarker Labels

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